Magnet fishing tips and tips for the perfect place

Magnet fishing – General tips

There are three major categories

Magnet fishing tips (before)

Finding the right place is worth a lot!

Care for a rope without knots otherwise you’ll lose guaranteed pulling capacity.

Inform yourself well about the hobby for you to fish magnet begins (on this site there is already a wealth of information!)

You can lose every magnet at discharge in the water by anything. A is not a bad idea.

Care for a sufficiently long rope so you do not lose your rope in the water.

Magnet fishing tips (during)

Let the rope not too often about sharp edges tearing while you reel in, so the spoils prevent your rapid wear.

Make the rope never stuck to a body part.

Do not pulling capacity on the rope like crazy if anything adheres.

Magnet fishing tips (after)

Act like an exemplary magnet fisher (leave nothing behind); so we can all continue practicing our beloved hobby.

Learn from other fishermen, magnet op Facebook, YouTube en andere sociale media zijn er relevante groepen te vinden! In de zomer ga je op sommige rivieren ook nooit alleen zitten!

Check your rope, you oogmoer and your magnet regularly for wear.

Prevent Rust: dry, clean and dry place prolong the duration of the magnet significantly!

Tips for the perfect place to go magnet fishing

Fishing on recent things or on old finds

-If you have a bike or a recent object wants to get to the top then we recommend you to go fishing under bridges. Are you looking for archaeological finds (for example from WWI and WWII). You can best do some research (on the internet or in books). Some knowledge of history is worth gold. We think for instance to places with old rivers. Places where there are puddles or Brooks are and where there is a front line by has been running, etc. You’ll find guaranteed business.

There are regular soil work?

-In the search of a suitable place (channels, rivers, streams, lakes, etc.) Check for earthworks. You see regularly to large rivers a pont to dredging. Indeed, this pick up Earth from the bottom. So there are many finds all lost and the place less interesting for fishing.

Where treasures would can be saved?

-Thieves often keep their booty at the bottom of a river. From forums and my own experience I know that viaducts near highways and bridges far away a good basis for a good catch.